How to use this site

To read posts

Most posts will be easier to understand by reading the text they are written about.

The “Category” box at the right side of the page will list the posts according to their location in the Bible. This can help with finding a post about the chapter you are currently reading.

The “Tags” below the box will show all posts that the author has tagged with that topic.

To create a post

1. Follow whatever daily Bible reading plan you would like.

2. For organization’s sake, please title your post with the name of the book and the chapter (ex. Genesis 1). If someone has already written thoughts on a chapter, just make a new post with the same title.

3. Write your reflection.

4. Choose a category in the left sidebar. Start typing in the name of the book and the category will appear. It will automatically be placed in the Old or New Testament accordingly.

5. Feel free to choose or make your own tags. Tags are a way to organize the posts by topic.

6. I will manually change the post date to keep the posts in order by chapter. I’m sorry for any confusion this may cause if you go back to read a post, only to discover it was changed to some random day in 2014!



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