Welcome. The purpose of this site is to learn from a community of believers. Like a Bible study in a home or church building, this is a place to share your reflections on scripture and learn from the reflections of others. This is not a place for proving someone else “right” or “wrong”, but rather a place for unity.

To start reading, select one of the books from the drop down menu on the right or click one of the topics beneath the “Tags” header. If you’d like to add posts, please contact me and I will add you as an author. Instructions for posting are on a separate page titled, How to Use this Site. These instructions are to help keep the blog organized and usable. The pages are backdated to help organize them, so the post dates aren’t accurate (I’m a librarian, I can’t help it!).

Thank you for joining and participating and please let me know if you have any ideas, concerns or suggestions!



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