So many prayers to offer up

So many prayers to offer up—
Smiles, hugs, money and time to give
Dishes to wash
Poems to write, songs to sing, art to create,
Bodies to stir into motion like you first stirred breath in us.
Each movement a decision to keep living in surrender to You.

So much love to fill and to feel
Filling our neighbors and our enemies and feeling from others
In a never-ending cycle that is fueled by You.
So much suffering to become familiar with
To look in the eye and see You there,
Grieving with us
Reaching out to us,
As our only hope for true healing.

So much worship to give You
With tear filled eyes and helplessness
In the overwhelming presence of You.
Not praying during worship, love and suffering,
but worshipping, loving and suffering during prayer.
We live to pray.

Waking each morning for the sole purpose of communing with You in
Every work,
Every rest,
Every moment.
Not for any benefit to us, but because we can’t help it. It is our purpose to be with You. Life is prayer.

In You we live and move and have our being.
Every molecule of matter vibrant with Your particles and presence.
Every wisp of thought filled with Your light.
We are made complete in Your wholeness,
Holy in Your pure love,
Alive in prayer.

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