Joshua 13

God provides land for each of the tribes, except the Levites. They will live off the sacrifices the other tribes make and have “the Lord God of Israel is their inheritance, just as he said to them”. God is certainly providing for all the other tribes, but there is something special about how he is providing for the Levites. He’s giving them himself. I’m not sure of the scholarly meaning of that phrase or how it actually played out for the Levites, but I think there is an obvious correlation to Jesus’s sacrifice and the Holy Spirit living in us today. The Levites didn’t have access to these two gifts, but God literally gives of himself in both of them. Not to mention him providing for all of our physical needs too, in addition to these spiritual needs.

How amazing it is that we share the Levites’ inheritance–the priests, the chosen elites of Jewish society–in ways they probably didn’t even imagine. It’s just as amazing to think that God has given himself to us and provides for us in ways we can’t imagine, and he will continue to exceed our imaginations for eternity.

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