1st Corinthians 13

I’ve heard and read this passage too many times to count. But still, two “new” things jump out at me. V. 8- knowledge will pass away and v. 12- “even as I have been fully known”. I am not at all certain about what either of these phrases mean. I will be keeping these in mind as I read other scripture and live out my daily life to search for their meaning, but I’m starting with this basic understanding:

V.8- Love is more important than knowledge, even my knowledge of these two phrases. I think of a child that loves even without knowledge of the details of Jesus’s life and teachings. I think of myself (with relief) being able to focus my efforts on love rather than seeking knowledge (maybe this blog should be called Shared Bible Love or just Shared Love?).

V. 12- With love being eternal and most important, it will remain even when perfection comes. We will get to love in heaven! Even after we know everything (is that what knowledge passing away means, it is no longer something we seek, but something we have?), we will still love others and be loved. I think of someone knowing everything about me and loving me anyway. Just as God knows me fully, one day, I will know him fully (the thought makes me tremble) and the result of that knowledge will be love. In the meantime, the result of my current, partial knowledge of God is still…love. Love to Him and love to others.


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