Mark 15

The first time I read vs. 42-47, I was amazed at the bravery of Joseph of Arimathea. It was a terrifying time for Jesus’s disciples. However, even as a prominent member of the Council, Joseph was willing to risk his position and probably his life by showing he believed Jesus was the Son of God. Then I read it again and noticed vs. 43 says that he “went boldly to Pilate and asked for Jesus’ body”. How did he get so bold? I think there’s a hint in the description of him as someone who was “waiting for the kingdom of God”. Isa. 40:31 also notes that waiting on/ hoping in the Lord renews strength. I envision Joseph’s boldness as “soaring on wings like eagles”.

Sometimes I get frustrated with the cyclical nature of my relationship with God. Sometimes I feel like I’m spiraling up towards Him, sometimes spiraling down away from him and sometimes stuck in a hamster wheel going nowhere. In my human mind I wonder why I can’t just be in a nice straight line moving up from point A to point B. But with the cycles going in unpredictable directions, I have to hope and trust that the Lord is in control. I have to wait for him to move me to the next stage in the cycle. I have to trust that even when I feel like I’m going nowhere or spiraling down that He is still working to bring me closer to Him as long as I am still seeking Him. Knowing that He is always seeking after me no matter what is to know a very powerful love. And I think that love is where boldness like Joseph’s comes from.

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