Exodus 24

Moses was physically close to God on several occasions (ch. 33 has another beautiful description of their relationship). He heard God’s voice at the burning bush (and several other times) and he saw God’s back. In this chapter, he received tablets of stone with the law written on them from God. He saw God standing on something as bright blue as sapphire. He spent 40 days and 40 nights with God on top of a mountain in a cloud that appeared to be in a consuming fire. During their relationship, Moses was selected by God to be the leader of His children, to guide them in war, government and religious practice. And before he led the revolt against Pharaoh and led an entire nation to establish their own lands, he was just a regular person. We are regular people. We are sinners (which I am starting to define as less about our deeds and more about our distance from God). We struggle to understand and follow God with so many voices both in the world and in our religious spheres that are pulling us to be polarized rather than unified, to be self-seeking rather than God seeking, to make decisions based on fear rather than faith. But because of God’s plan with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we don’t have to rely on those contradicting voices. We can go straight to the source like Moses. And just like Moses, God will change us and lead us into what he wants us to be, whether it is a great leader or a humble servant. I want to go to the mountain where God is and dwell in his consuming-fire-of-a-cloud and hear His voice above all the others.

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