Psalms 33

Psalm 33 and the book of Ecclesiastes communicate similar messages. God is so mighty and loving that nothing else matters except fearing Him. In Ecclesiastes, Solomon demonstrates this by reviewing different worldly pursuits and explaining how they came up meaningless. The Psalmist comes to the same conclusion by praising God for His steadfast love. This Psalm beautifully weaves God’s roles as supreme creator, righteous judge and loving Father. It also shows the relationship among the Psalmist’s reactions of loving God through being right with Him (v. 1), trusting in Him completely (v.20-21) and fearing Him (v.8, 18-19).

With so many Psalms lamenting sin, trials or other dark times, I don’t think it is to much of a stretch to imagine the Psalmist’s outburst of praise about God’s faithful love after a time of sin in the Psalmist’s life. I know that’s when my greatest outbursts occur. Although my best efforts to be righteous and to love, trust and fear God may fail, He still loves me. Remembering that He is my creator, Father and judge will bring me so much closer to Him than a sole focus on my own efforts ever can.


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