Psalm 39

In the ESV version, the heading for this passage is “What is the Measure of My Days?”. Recently, I thought a lot about what I would consider to be a “good” day. Would I base the success of my day on how much stuff I got done, my feelings, my health, etc.? The idea of the “measure of my days” in this Psalm applies to numbering the days of life. When meditating on this, it really changes how I measure each individual day’s worth.

This Psalm seems to be written on a day with lots of tension. It began with some great personal resolve, but a need more powerful than the resolve made it end in failure. Then David started asking deeper questions (which is a great outcome of failure, it reminds us there is more to life than our own strength and accomplishments). Then he states what God is doing in his life. He trusts God and he knows His discipline is meant to turn him towards Him. Now he’s trusting God enough to firmly ask that the discipline be removed. It’s like saying “I tried, I failed, I learned my lesson. Can we start over?”. Even though David isn’t particularly happy and has been out of step with God in some way, he’s still having a “good” day because he’s running towards God rather than away from Him. I can relate to David’s emotions in this Psalm because of many days where I realize that I failed, I need God and I want to be right with Him again rather than being disciplined. The overall comfort is knowing that God loves me enough to discipline me and that he is always faithful.

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