Psalm 46

This psalm describes complete trust in God, to the point of the earth giving way and the mountains moving to the heart of the sea. This trust seems to be based on God’s deeds, on his help to the Psalmist, the Psalmist’s sense of God’s prescence (“The Lord of hosts is with us” is repeated twice), and the Psalmist being still and knowing God. Having this much trust in God would lead to a deeper faith, which leads to fearless action, doing whatever He commands without regard to worldly consequences. These actions in turn produce more evidence of God, on which we can meditate and build more trust and the cycle continues.

I think this is one way that the truth sets us free– by knowing that God is in control, we are free from worry and fear. By knowing that only God matters, we are free from any false pursuits. These are two of the most important points I want to communicate to non-Christians through words and actions. For myself, being still and knowing God is the answer to every experience- grief, joy, repentance, worship, difficulties, pleasant days- I hope to be still more, to rely on Him more, to grow in trust, faith and fearlessness. My motive behind these desires is to know God more, help others know God and pursue something worthwhile in my own life.

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