Psalm 65

In Psalm 63 David is searching for God, in 64 he is relying on God for defense and safety from enemies, and in 65 he sees God in everything. I think there is something to this pattern of seek-trust-find. Jesus commands us to ask, seek, knock. James writes the simple truth that if we draw near to God, he will draw near to us. Once I start looking for this pattern in Scripture (or in life), it emerges everywhere.

I think the way that David finds God in Psalm 65 is another way that we can seek Him, turning seek-trust-find into a never ending cycle. David sees God as an active part of nature, “You visit the earth and water it, You greatly enrich it”. He has such a strong sense of God’s physical prescence that at some point, he decides to build a temple to be a physical home for Him. When Solomon finished the temple, God did occupy it with a physical prescence in the form of a dark cloud (see 1 Kings 8). It must have been life changing to see God’s glory fill the temple with a dark cloud that was so heavy the priests couldn’t continue their work. Even though we can’t see that dark cloud, we can still see God’s prescence in something as common (but still awesome) as water, mountains, pastures and flocks, among many other things (65:5-13).  I love reading the Psalms to remind myself of how present God is in our lives.


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